Our Flowers

Asiatic Lily


Asiatic Lilies or so called normal Lillies are one of the main crops at Robertson Flower Farm. Asiatic Lilies are not perfumed and come in white, cream, yellow, orange, pink and red. Through the season we are are growing up to 30 different varieties of these gorgeous flowers. Picking runs from May till October making it the perfect crop  for the winter.

In Chinese language, Lily symbolises “being forever in love”.  We have to agree on this because these beauties have sure won our hearts.

Oriental Lily


Oriental Lilys are picked from June till October. Compared with Asiatics Lilies they have large exotic blooms and strong sweet perfume. This is why we like to have them around not only for the beauty but also for the smell. Our Orientals come in white, pink and yellow.

Lily flower is the second most loved flower in the world (first being the rose). Therefore it is widely used in arrangements, bouquets and given as a gift.



The name Gladiolus comes from Latin and refers to sword. The flower itself is sometimes called Sword Lily. These beauties come in white, pink, salmon, yellow, purple, red, orange and green. Gladiolus can be variously coloured mixing together white and pink or purple and white. Our Gladys are picked from April until November.

Glads are also associated with fortieth wedding anniversary. We like to have them around not only for anniversaries but every day of the season.



Because of their bright yellow colour Sunflowers are the happiest of the flowers. Facing the sunrise, they symbolise loyalty and longevity.  Sunnies are the fastest growing crop here at Robertson Flower Farm. Once planted it takes from six to eight weeks till they are ready to be picked and sent to flower markets to cheer up our customers.

Every now and then we like to leave some of the stems on the field just to have a few smiley faces greeting us in the mornings.

Celosia (also known as Cockscomb)

Celosia is our other main crop.
Originating from Asia, Celosia thrives in hot conditions. It is growing from a tiny seed and has a crop cycle time of as little as 7 weeks in summer. Celosia is an interesting flower to describe with some calling it “brains” or “the coral flower”. It is valued for its bright colour and unusual appearance. These days we only produce celosia around the Mothers Day period.


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