Robertson Flower Farm

Robertson Flower Farm

Hi there, nice to meet you!

We, Adam and Trish and our three boys, are the heart and soul of Robertson Flower Farm.

In 2001 we moved from growing flowers in Tasmania to establish Robertson Flower Farm amongst the fertile volcanic red soil sugar cane fields between Bundaberg and Bargara, in South East Queensland. We have both been involved in floriculture for our whole working life, with Adam starting in business with his father and brother in Tasmania, and Trish starting out with her sister in Bundaberg.

The first few years were an interesting mix of trial and error.  Trying to work out which crops were best suited to the subtropical, sometimes wet, sometimes dry, climate of the region we eventually decided Lilies in winter, Celosia in summer.

Today Robertson Flower Farm has developed in hectares and production, growing Sunflowers, Asiatic and Oriental Lilys, sending flowers to the markets of Sydney, Brisbane, Melbourne and Adelaide, we have developed a strong reputation for qualitiy cut flowers.

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